The Megalis Solar Power Plant, better known as Megalis, is a major power generating facility located in the Southwest Republic. Currently under construction as of April 10, 2013, the solar plant is to provide cheap electricity to over 100,000 households in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The plant is owned by Pravus International, and beiing built by one of its subsidaries, Huaiyi Construction, the same company that constructed the massive Arx of Ferox in Siberia.

Unlike many other solar power plants located throughout the globe, Megalis is highly efficent and will be capable of capturing and utlizing 100% of all the solar energy it recieves. It will also be cheaper to convert and store, making electricity costs throughout the serviced area but a few dollars instead of $70-100 dollars a month. Additionally, the plant can be scaled in size in the future, meaning that the plant will always be able to keep up supply as demand increases until the main pylon is too high to remain stable.


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