European Missile Consortium
Type Société Anonyme
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Olivier Picard, CEO
Industry Defence & Aerospace
Products Missile, missile systems, rockets
Employees 11,640 (2010)
Parent Finmeccanica 21%
Thales Group 21%

In the early twenty-first century the manufacture of missiles and missile systems had already undergone a process of concentration in all the nations of Western Europe. Nevertheless, the need for investment in R & D to compete in international markets would endanger the economic stability of domestic firms. In this context arises the European Missile Consortium as an organization to share research efforts.

Due to the success of the idea, MERCURY was born in 2005 as a trademark of the Consortium for joint manufacturing and marketing of missiles and missile systems.


Mercury produces finished products for sale on international markets and base products ready to be assembled and adapted to national requirements of their customers. This line of flexible working has enabled the success of the company allowing it to be able to fully meet the needs of each client.


Product range

Air-to-air missiles

Surface-to-air missiles

Air-to-surface missiles

Anti-ship missiles

Anti-tank missiles

Missile systems