Mestyrianism is a polytheistic religion and way of life primarily found in South West Europe, specifically in the Syretian League, but also in other parts of Europe and the New World. It has no official text, and is spread primarily by word of mouth, leading to many denominations.


Mestyrianism comes from 'Mestyr', the name of the main God in the religion. Followers of him are described as 'Mestyrians'.


Mestyrians believe in 11 Gods and one Syra (a higher ranking God).


Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at

Map of Mestyr Denominations: Red - Esterism, Blue - Traditional Esili'a, Orange: Slovenian Esili'a, Purple - Maroque, Green - Leove Esterism

There are two major denominations: Esterism and Traditional Esili'a. Esterism is primarily found in France, with small groups in Lenser, Spain and the German Empire. Esili'a is much more global. Within Europe it has large groups in Spain, Ireland, Lenser and Ferasilopol.

Other denominations include Slovenian Esili'a (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy), Maroque (Leove, Dierra, Jeonna) and Leove Esterism (Leove, Lenser).

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