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Metropolitan Police Agency
Law Enforcement Agency overview
Formed 1896
Jurisdiction Luminaire, Atlion
Headquarters William West Metropolitan Police Plaza
25 East Commons
Luminaire, NC
Employees 4,750
Agency executive John Porter, Chief of Police

The Metropolitan Police Department of Luminaire (MPD) is the municipal police force in Luminaire, NC. It is one of the ten largest police forces in Atlion. It is also one of ten police forces operating in the National Capital Region.


The Metropolitan Police Department was formed on January 14, 1896, by order of the President of Atlion, to counter a growing sense of lawlessness in the national capital.


The Metropolitan Police is headed by the police chief. The current chief, John Porter, assumed the post on May 12, 2005, following the departure of David Ramos.


  • Chief of Police
  • Deputy Chief
  • Community Relations Chief
  • Administration Chief
  • Intelligence Chief
  • Forensics Chief
  • First District Headquarters - Police Plaza
    • District Chief
    • Thurston Square Substation
      • Subdistrict Commander
  • Second District Headquarters - Eaton Square
    • District Chief
      • Andrews Center Community Enforcement Center
    • North Chinatown Substation
  • Third District Headquarters - Cathedral Park
    • District Chief
  • Fourth District Headquarters - Harbor
    • District Chief
    • Victoire Substation
  • Fifth District Headquarters - Rossieu Island
    • District Chief
  • Sixth District Headquarters - Lighthouse
    • District Chief
  • Seventh District Headquarters - Queen's Park
    • District Chief
      • Rossmore Substation
  • Eighth District Headquarters - Peatree North
    • District Chief
  • Ninth District Headquarters - Southern
  • Inter-jurisdictional Liason

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