Mexican Department of Education (MDE) is an department in the Mexican government that handles education of the people and minors of Mexico. It also manages the funding from the government, and manages the wages for the staff and teachers. President Calderon has made education (underneath the drug war), an priority. The current director of the Department is Alonso Lujambio, and will be running with Calderon for Secretary of Education in the 2012 elections.


The 2006 Constitution provides that education should avoid privileges of religion, and that one religion or its members may not be given preference in education over another. Religious instruction is prohibited in public schools; however, religious associations are free to maintain private schools, which receive no public funds. Proof of Mexican citizenship is required to attend public schools for free, but foreigners can attend public schools by paying a tuition. In the same fashion to other education systems, education may be described in identifiable stages, such as Elementary School, Junior High School, High School, and College.


Functions of the Department of Education is:

  • Maintain wages of staff and teachers
  • Keep funding from the government incheck
  • Create country wide rules
  • Build and Demolish Schools
  • Fund Colleges

Related Legislation

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