The Mexican Imperial Forces is the armed forces of Mexico, and is currently responsible on defending Mexico from threats, both domesitc and foriegn. Formed in the 2006 Constitution, Mexico has had to deal with drug cartels in the North American Drug War. Mexico currently maintains around 500,000 active troops, with 300,000 in reserve, and another 500,000 paramilitary.


Since the formation of the Third Empire of Mexico in the early 2000s, and the formation of the Mexican Imperial Forces in 2006, the Mexican military has dealt with illegal immigration into the Deseret and the United States, and currently must deal with the drug cartels operating in most of Mexico, which has been an success with the help of Deseret and the United States militart.



The Mexican Imperial Forces uses an mixture of weapons from across the world, mainly from suppliers in Deseret and the United States, but some weapons are made from Mendoza, an Mexican arms dealer.


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