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Mexican Provisional Authority Logo

Logo of the Mexican Provisional Authority

Mexican Provisional Authority Map

Map of Mexico divided by the three occupational forces: Brazoria, Sierra, and Wabash.

The Mexican Provisional Authority (Spanish: Autoridad Provisional de México), is the current ruling transitional government of the former territories of the Mexican Social Republic, that was ultimately removed from power with the 2015 invasion of Mexico. Its currently administrated by the current occupying forces of Brazoria, the Kingdom of Sierra and the Wabash. It was established with the official surrender of general Manuelo Cano at the National Palace, and the official recognition that the Mexican Armed Forces no longer had faith in Jose Rosario Macias administrating the country. Officially known at the Treaty of El Zócalo; the Mexican people formally renounced their national ideology of Veracruzism.

Several hundred thousand troops occupy the nation, administrating relief and security for the broken nation. Chief Superior of the Wabash, and leading General of the Allied Forces, Samuel Albanactus O'Connor took the duty of administrating the nation on July 16th, after setting his military headquarters at the Chapultepec Castle. Brazorian and Sierran government have also dedicated to helping administrate the new intern government.




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