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Socialist Democratic Republic of Mexico
Flag of Mexico
Motto: Viva La Revolucion!
Location of Mexico
and largest city
Mexico City
Official languages Spanish
Demonym Mexican
Government Totalitarian Single-Party State
• Supreme Leader
Jose Pablo Diaz
• Deputy leader
Miguel Cortez
Legislature Socialist Council
Establishment March 11, 2006 (Current Government)
• Independence From Spain
December 28, 1836
• Census
Currency Pesos (MXN)
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +52
Mexico (Official name: Socialist Democratic Republic of Mexico) is a totalitarian single-party nation located in North America. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City with a population of 8,851,500 people. Mexico has a nationwide population of 114,678,768 people.

Foreign Affairs

Other Socialist/Communist Nations

Mexico gets along with other socialist and communist nations in the world. Mexico is a part of the New Axis Alliance; a group of other communist and socialist nations with similar interests and endeavors. Mexico's closest allies are the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Socialist Germany, Italy and Vichy France. They are the biggest powers in the New Axis Alliance.


Relations between Texas and Mexico have been crippling throughout the years. The North American Demilitarized Zone, which is located on along the Rio Grande, is heavily guarded while nations from both ends look upon each other for the first shot. 

Confederate States of America

The Confederate States of America, a close ally to Texas is also on guard with the actions of Mexico. Once were good allies back in the 1980s, the relationship between both nations have been the worst ever. The CSA has put on sanctions and embargoes against Mexico due to them constantly threatening Texas and the United States.