The Hon. Michael Joseph Boyle (b. May 23, 1954) is a Georgeland politician. Boyle was previously Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Zoe Parker. After a brief stint as the party's acting leader following its 2007 election loss, Boyle is now the party's Finance Spokesman. He is a member of the Georgeland House of Commons for the seat of Ryder, having been elected to Parliament in 1987.

Born in Huzzah, Boyle was a lawyer before entering politics in 1982, being elected to his state legislature as a Democrat.

Hon. Michael Boyle, MP

Boyle was elected to the Georgeland House of Commons in 1987. For several years he served on the Joint House Foreign Policy Committee, as well as several party policy committees, including foreign relations. In 1995 he was elected to be Speaker, serving until 1997. He did not run for a second term as Speaker, instead opting to return to the committees he had served on. He became a junior minister in the last years of the Rhodes government, serving as Minister Assisting the Minister for Foreign Affairs for European Affairs 2003-2004, before the position was discontinued. Boyle was promoted into Cabinet as Minister for Social Security in 2004, having recently joined the newly-formed Liberal Democrats. He supported Andrea Perkins' leadership bid in 2005, but retained his cabinet post after Zoe Parker's election. Boyle is married and has four children. He is a Lutheran.
In March 2007, Boyle was named as Tom McCully's replacement as Deputy Prime Minister after McCully admitted decieving the House of Commons on local government funding. Boyle was sworn into office on May 19th.
Boyle was re-elected to the House of Commons at the 2007 election, but the Liberal Democrats lost the election. Prime Minister Zoe Parker immediately resigned as leader. Boyle assumed the position of Acting Leader, though Parker remained as Prime Minister. Boyle lead the LDP temporarily until a replacement leader was chosen. Boyle was not a candidate in the leadership election, though he was known to have supported Andrea Perkins. Boyle was given the portfolio of Finance in the Shadow Cabinet led by new party leader Robin Sales.

Preceded by
Tom McCully
Deputy Prime Minister of Georgeland
March 14, 2007 - July 6, 2007
Succeeded by
Martin Higgins
Preceded by
Martin Higgins
Speaker of the Georgeland House of Commons
October 2, 1995 - April 12, 1997
Succeeded by
Janet Morris

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