The Military College of Washingtonia (MILCOL) is located 3 km northwest of John Town, South Island on its own campus which is administrated by the Ministry of Defense. The Military College is the Kingdom's only military academy, and offers specialist training and officers' courses ranging between 1 and 4 years. Many non-military degrees are also offered at the College however are taught with a military career for the candidates in mind in a military setting. It consists of the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Army Service College, all of which are further subdivided. The College campus is not a military installation, but is under the civilian administration of the Defense Ministry, even though most employees are military servicemen who work for their respective service branches. The administrator is known as the Dean, currently Stephen Lexington.


Admission requirements

The College's general admission requirements, which exclude the admission requirements for specific courses and degrees, are -

  • The candidate must be a Washingtonian citizen, unless exception has been granted by the Minster.
  • The candidate must be unmarried.
  • The candidate must mot have an obligation to support a child.
  • Male candidates must have graduated from an Education Ministry-accredited secondary school (12th grade).
  • Female candidates must have obtained a degree in a recognized and relevant field from an accredited tertiary educational institute.
  • The candidate must have completed the standardized Armed Forces basic training course with the necessary A-level qualification.




Campus life




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