European Military Forces
CoA EU Military
Founded 2010
Country European Union
Type Armed Forces
Role Protection of the European Union citizens and assets
Part of European Defense Council
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Patron Saint Peter
Colors Blue

The military of the European Union today comprises of the 2007 Treaty of Cornwall and Acceptation of Greece applicants, that of France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. The Commander of The Military is the President Of The European Union, Sebastian Hill.


The European Military Forces are divided up into, The Navy, The Army, The Air force and The European Foreign Legion. The Military Forces of the European Union are controlled by that of the Ministry of Defense, who leads over that of the E1, a intelligence agency.

The leadership of the Military and Ministry of Defense is always put into the hands a five-star general, whom currently is Christophe de Saint Chamas of France, and the Militarys Offices are located in Berlin.


The chain of Command is centered around that of the President of The European Union, and when KIA, or falls faint of leading the military and Europe, the regional leaders of of the member states will form the Council Of Action, which leads the country until a new President can be installed.




Currently the Navy of The European Union is equipped with an array of up to the task vessels to protect the Atlantic, North Sea and Mediterranean from domestic and foreign threats. Durning the Paz Act of 2011 of South
SAMV Sao Paulo
American, the European Union's Military bought 4 large nuclear Abipon Ships for the price of 25 BIllion Euros, with a single boat costing to make 120 Billion Euros.
Name Class Fleet Status
EUNS Sebastian Hill Abipon Atlantic Operational
EUNS Europe Abipon North Sea Operational
EUNS Saint Peter Abipon Atlantic Operational
EUNS Portugal Abipon Atlantic


Air Force

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