The Novaya Zemlya Free Republic's military numbers about 2000. At any one time, about a quarter of these are stationed somewhere outside the Free Republic, like helping a fellow Vanev member or other friendly nation in conflict. The Free Republic has generally quite un-militaristic attitudes, but the army is maintained in case of attempted invasions of the Free Republic or fellow Vanev members. The army has tanks, helicopters, planes, corvettes and battleships, and is mostly stationed at Storage City, where the Free Republic's main military base is.

The nation also has a large police force and backup military force.

As of 1 July 2012, the military has 2161 members, 1023 of which are classified as the ground forces, 651 as the navy and 490 as the air forces. There are an additional 567 trainees. The ground forces have 61 tanks, the navy has six battleships and ten smaller corvettes, and the air force has 30 helicopters and 46 planes. 59 of the tanks, four of the battleships, seven of the corvettes, fifteen of the helicopters and 34 of the planes are based at Storage City. One of the battleships, two of the corvettes, ten of the helicopters and eight of the planes are based at Free City. Two of the tanks, one of the battleships, four of the helicopters and three of the planes are based at South City. One of the corvettes and one of the planes are based at Belushya Guba. There is an additional military post at Severny City, which houses none of the tanks, battleships, corvettes, or planes, but has one helicopter.

The military is also in the possession of (at least) 12 missiles, with more under construction. These missiles are non-nuclear, as the Free Republic has an anti-nuclear policy, but are designed to avoid radars, and have built-in AI systems. Eight of the missiles are stored in Storage City, two in Free City, and two in a secret location, likely a special bunker. There are launching systems for the missiles in Storage City, Free City, and (likely) at a number of secret bunkers as well.

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