Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 96.2346 Terran days
Orbital axis 55,621,298 km
Physical characteristics
Rotation period Synchronized
Mean diameter 3861 km
Surface gravity 10.076 m/s²
Axial tilt 1.84°

725 K
Atmospheric pressure (at MSL) 678 mbar
0 (as of 2005)
Countries none recognized (according to UN)

Mimas is a tidally locked planet of Saturn. While being extremely hot, the dark side may often be cold.


The planet is characterized by the eternally hot side, cool inhabitable dark side and the mountains separating them from each other at 75°-85° from the zenith. The mountains have been born as the energy of Saturn's radiation melts lead near the zenith, leading in the lead to evaporate there and rain where there isn't enough sufficient amounts of energy to hold the air-lead-mixture.


Grades from zenith, kelvins

  • 0°-30°, 1525 K
  • 30°-60°, 1175 K
  • 60°-90°, 885 K
  • 90°-120°, 450 K
  • 120°-150°, 350 K
  • 150°-180°, 275 K

Human plans

Mimas is thought to be an interesting biosphere, so there have been many scientifical experiments on Mimas. Extremophiles and even plants have been found. The organisms seem to have evolved independently of Earth, shocking the human society with the first evidence of other births of life, crushing the panspermia theory. Barack Obama promised to create permanent US settlements on Mimas, Rhea, Dione, Ganymede, Callisto & Europa if he was elected in 2008.

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