Minais na Mara
—  City  —
Minais na Mara in winter.jpg
Minais na Mara with Beantann Uannin in the background
Nickname(s): The Capital
Motto: Tha'n mar leis
The sea is with us
Population (2012)
 - Total City: 15,422
Municipality: 17,430
Time zone UTC-01:00 (UTC-01)

Minais na Mara (pronunciation: [ˈmina:iɕ nɑˌma:rɑ]) (English: City of the Seas) is the capital and largest city of the nation of Rom in the Seafaring Confederation. It has a population of 17,430.

It is the main settlement of the Pòrseachdan an prìom-gcathearr a' Minais na Mara municipality as well as the capital of the Prìom-gcathearr agus In-dtirnan province. It is the seat of Rom's government, the place of the President of Rom's residence, Rom's ministries, and host to 45 foreign missions.


Minais na Mara is Romic for "City of the Seas" and references the location of the city and the islands as being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

It was first recorded in 1452 as "Minaius Mara" by the Munician monks in the Mùinneag Monastery on one of their maps. One of the books in the monastery library from 1515 referred to the city as "Minaius in Mara", the "City in the Seas".

British cartographers from the 17th century on called the city "Toun o þe Seas". Dutch cartographers called it "Stadt der Seeven Seeën", the "City of the Seven Seas".

During the 19th and most of the 20th century, the city was known as Minais na Seàchd Mara t-Fhàirsòig, the "City of the Seven Wide Seas". However, in everyday conversation the city was almost always referred to as Minais na Mara. In 1978, the municipal council in cooperation with the Romic government decided to shorten the official name of the city to Minais na Mara to make it shorter and more easily identifiable and pronouncable for non-Romic speakers.

Locally, Minais na Mara is also referred to as Minais or An Minais.









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