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The Ministerial Cabinet of the Southern Cross Republic (Portuguese: Gabinete Ministerial da República) is composed of the Ministers of State and senior advisors of the executive branch of the government of the Southern Cross Republic. Cabinet officers are appointed and dismissed by the President. There are currently fifteen Ministries of State and other cabinet-level offices.


Ministers assist the President in the exercise of the executive power. Each minister is responsible for the general administration of a government portfolio, and heads a corresponding government ministry. Ministers prepare standards, monitor and evaluate federal programs, formulate and implement policies for the sectors they represent. They are responsible also to establish strategies, policies and priorities in the application of public resources.

Current Ministerial Cabinet

Ministry Portuguese Name Minister Party
Ministry of Agriculture Ministério da Agricultura João Augusto Queiroz Nationalist
Ministry of Welfare and Health Ministério do Bem-Estar e Saúde Ricardo oliveira Nationalist
Ministry of Science and Technology Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia Juliana del Ponte None
Ministry of Trade Ministério do Comércio Durão Rodriguez Nationalist
Ministry of Communications Ministério das Comunicações André Brükenhaus Nationalist
Ministry of Defense Ministério da Defesa Jorge Ortega Nationalist
Ministry of Education and Culture Ministério da Educação e Cultura Eliana Fiorucci None
Ministry of Finance Ministério das Finanças Maria das Graças Cardoso Nationalist
Ministry of Industry Ministério da Indústria Aline Santos Nationalist
Ministry of Justice Ministério da Justiça João Pedro Fagundes None
Ministry of Environment Ministério do Meio Ambiente José Braga Nationalist
Ministry of Mines and Energy Ministério das Minas e Energia Gustavo Sampaio Nationalist
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministério das Relações Exteriores Júlio da Costa Nationalist
Ministry of Labour Ministério do Trabalho José Henrique Guimarães Nationalist
Ministry of Transports Ministério dos Transportes Mateus da Silva Nationalist

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