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Ministry of Galactic Affairs Logo

The Ministry of Galactic Affairs (MGA) (Galaktik İşleri Bakanlığı - Turkish) is a government ministry of Turkicstan concerned with Turkicstan's operations in space and the galaxy. The MGA is responsible for the Turkicstan Space Forces.


Turkicstan Space Forces

The TSF is Turkicstan's Primary Space Defence Force, and consists of a Navy and Armed Forces. The Naval fleet consists of 100 ships, ranging from Cruisers, to Dreadnoughts. The TSF is based in the TSF building in Ankara, Turkicstan.

Internal Agencies

Agency for Exploration and Discovery

The AED is responsible for searching for new discoveries in the solar system, aswell as establishing colonies on new planets. The AED works alongside the R&D Branch to research new planets.

Mining and Resources Branch

The MRB is concerned with the discovery and exploitation of new resource deposits. The MRB works alongside private mining companies, such as the Turkic company, Turkgaz.

Research and Development Branch

The R&D Branch is concerned with development of new technology, such as new space craft, new technology and research of new planets, along with the Agency for Exploration and Discovery.

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