The Miscellaneous Definitions Act of 1994 (called the Definitions Act) is an unusual piece of Washingtonian legislation which the Grand Washingtonian Assembly passed during their first session of 1994. The act defines many terms and phrases in the hope of bringing legal consistency to Washingtonian law. If a specific law does not in its own definitions clause define something, the Definitions Act is the next authoritative source. Because of its nature, the Definitions Act is one of Washingtonia's longest laws.


Notable definitions

  • Female: Interchangeable with woman, a gender which would in the usual course of life be able to be inseminated by a male to produce and bear offspring.
  • Gender: Interchangeable with the noun sex (not sexual intercourse), a category based on reproductive functioning. Consists of only two unchangeable categories, namely male and female.
  • Male: Interchangeable with man, a gender which would in the usual course of life be able to inseminate a female to produce offspring.
  • Sovereign: Highest authority. Usually used in a political sense. Usually interchangeable with King and Monarch when referring to the human head of state of the Kingdom. Otherwise used to refer to the Kingdom itself or the Christian God.

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