Mohamed Hussein Hafez
1st Elected President of Egypt
In office
19th March 2009 – 20th November 2011
Preceded by Hosni Mubarak
Succeeded by Office Discontinued
Interim President of Eastern Sahara
In office
20th November 2011 – 12th January 2012
Succeeded by Ahmed Shafik
1st Prime Minister of Eastern Sahara
Assumed office
28th September 2012
President Ahmed Shafik
Preceded by Office Inaugrated
Personal details
Born21st July 1961
Suez, Egypt
Spouse(s)Shareen Hafez
Alma materUniversity of Cairo
Mohamed Hussein Hafez was the first elected president of Egypt following the 2009 Egyptian Revolution. Hafez was elected with 62% of votes in his favour. He ran against the now president of Eastern Sahara Ahmed Shafik, in March 2009. Hafez was born in Suez in 1961 to a middle class family, he attended Cairo University, and later joined the military in 1982.

Hafez kept power over Eastern Sahara as the interim president until the countries first presidential elections in January 2012, when Ahmed Shafik was elected president. Hafez was appointed as Prime Minister by Shafik in September 2012 to fill the newly created office of Prime Minister for Eastern Sahara to serve as head of government.

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