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The oldest, and the wealthiest known nation in the world of Molivanék, it is lead by Master Molivian and the 4 Admirals. The country is unique among all those in its world as being the only major country to still embrace sorcery. As such, its citizens, the Molivanites, lead a longer and healthier live. The average life span of a Molivianite is about 350 years.


Pre War Era

See main article:íst/History

Moníst was one of the original 9 kingdoms created before the first Elder War (EWI). It's creation was directly overseen by Master Molivian, the most powerful of the elders. Before the war, Moníst took up exactly 1/9th of Molivanék, and was about as powerful as its 8 neighbors. During this time, the pre-war Era, it worked together with its neighbors to create peace and prosperity for its citizens, known today as proto-Molivanites. 

Elder War I

During the first Elder War, Molivian and Moníst fought for the Shalites, one of the two alliances at that time. The Shalites won the war with a decisive victory

Elder War II

During the second Elder War (EWII)

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