The Akarlan Monarchy began with the unification of 17 Sileric tribes, and Akar Ijranek's victory against Rasenam. Akar became the first King of Akarla and after his death, the Akarlan Empire was split into 3 states, and one ruling state. Akar's four sons each rules one of these states. This means that at any time there are 4 Monarchs of Akarla, one of which has significantly more power.

The spouses of the Monarchs do not have any power. There have been 17 Monarchs of Akarla. There are currently 3 Kings and one Queen.

Name Title Ruler of Born Died Spouse(s) Preceded by Succeeded by
Akar Ijranek King Akarla 46H.W. 106H.W. Elara, Ariawa Tribal Rulers Han, Sarantar, Tamir, Haihan
Han Akarek King Han Region 72H.W. 130H.W. Vilisen Akar Akar
Sarantar Akarek Lord Sarantar Region 74H.W. 137H.W. Milen Akar Elator
Tamir Akarek Lord Tamir Region 75H.W. 137H.W. Jidra Akar Moser
Haihan Akarek Lord Haihan Region 79H.W. 122H.W. Eriara Akar Tier

Akar Hanek


Han Region

96H.W. 162H.W. Viria Han Elian
Elator Sarantarek Lord Sarantar Region 94H.W. 155H.W. Hia Sarantar Hantersian
Moser Tamirek Lord Tamir Region 96H.W. Alive Halia Tamir Jorland
Tier Haihanek Lord Haihan Region 100H.W. 159H.W Farv Haihan Kolita
Elian Maksi Queen

Han Region

115H.W. Alive Mak Tilerek Akar Erian
Hantersian Elatorek Lord Sarantar Region 116H.W. Alive Iahora Elator Hil
Jorland Moserek Prince Tamir Region 115H.W. Alive Vilton Moser Sisan
Kolita Himbarsi Lady Haihan Region 118H.W. Alive Himbar Malarek Tier Ia
Erian Makek Prince Han Region 130H.W. Alive - Elian -
Hil Hantersianek Duke Sarantar Region 137H.W. Alive - Hantersian -
Sisan Moser Duke Tamir Region 136H.W. Alive Sala Jorland -
Ia Terersi Duchess Haihan Region 135H.W. Alive Terer Hojanek Kolita -

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