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Queen of Northersey
Official Coat of Arms of Northersey
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth II
since 6 February, 1952
Style Her Majesty
Heir apparent Charles, Prince of Wales
First monarch George V
Formation 6 August, 1931
The Monarchy of Northersey is the form of government, that is a constitutional monarchy, where a hereditary monarch is the sovereign of Northersey. The country follows the Westmintser form of government. The current monarch is Elizabeth II, styled Queen of Northersey, who has reigned since 6 February, 1952. The monarch is represented by the Governor-General, who is currently Sir Lucas Cooke.

The Northerseyan monarch additionally is the monarch of the other 15 commonwealth nations.

Northersey was originally ruled by a separate Northerseyan monarchy. 1104 was the first recorded year that a monarch ruled over the eleven islands. Asmund of Borderrock (also referred to as Asmund I) was the first King of All Northerseyans, as the monarchs were referred.

In 1468, King James III of Scotland began a campaign to invade Northersey. It took 135 years for the Scots to claim full possession of the islands in 1603, due to other political affairs. Borderrock was the last to be handed over under Scotish control.

In 1707, with the formation of Great Britain, Northersey was granted freedom from Scotland and a separate entity under the kingdom. Since then a British monarch has been sovereign over Northersey.