King of the Kingdom of Washingtonia
Royal Emblem of Washingtonia
Randall I
since 6 May 2009
Style His Royal Highness
Heir apparent John, Crown Prince
First monarch George I
Formation 1791
Residence Royal Palace, Foundersville
The Monarchy of Washingtonia is the constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Washingtonia. The Throne has only ever been held by males, however, there are legal provisions which provide for females to ascend. The current King is Randall I Washington, who has held the office since 2009. The House of Washington is the current Royal Family of Washingtonia and is recognized as such by the Constitution, however, other noble houses' leaders may ascend to the Throne under very strict and limited circumstances.

Contrary to other constitutional monarchies, the powers of the King are not purely ceremonial. Essentially, the King and the President share the executive functions of government, with the King also having legislative and some judicial powers. It can thus be argued that the Monarchy remains more powerful than the elected government.



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Civil War

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Constitutional monarchy

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List of Kings of Washingtonia

† Death while reigning
‡ Abdicated

# King Born Reign Death
1 George I Washington 1732 1791 - 1799 † 1799
2 George II 1792 1799 - 1847 ‡ (started 1809) 1874
3 George III 1814 1847 - 1869 † 1869
4 John I 1841 1869 - 1899 † 1899
5 Brandon I 1897 1899 - 1972 † (started 1916) 1972
6 George IV 1947 1972 - 2009 ‡ Alive
7 Randall I 1978 2009 - present Alive

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