Monarchy of Wessex
Dafid the Younger
Dafid the Younger
since 2008
Style Her Majesty
Heir apparent n/a
First monarch Cerdic (6th Century),
Formation 6th Century
Residence (Official)
Dunster Castle (Unofficial)
The Monarchy of the Wessex and Cornwall is the constitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Wessex and its realms. The title of the monarch is the King or Queen. The current monarch is Dafid the Younger, who became Monarch in 2008. 

As the Monarchy is strictly ceremonial and cultural, it is limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honors and awards, aswell as officially inaugruating the Jylpminnod. The Monarch of Wessex has absolutely no government power, and no Royal Prerogative, as the Witanegmot has the ultimate policy and law making power, as does the Wessen public as per Direct Democracy. 

The current Royal Family of Wessex is the House of Cerdic, which can trace its lineage back to the 6th century, making Wessex the oldest established monarchy in the world. 


Appointment of the Royal Family

First King

First Queen


Inaugruation of the Jylpminnod

Bestowing Honours and Knighting

Annual Speech



The Monarchy of Wessex is not funded by the state, but only through Annual Government Grants and the revenue from the Crown Estates. The Crown Estates is the largest property holder in the country, and is the main source of revenue for the monarchy. It is held in trust, and cannot be sold or owned by the Sovereign in a private capacity.

The Monarchy is not tax exempt in anyway, shape or form, and the Monarchy is subject to Income Tax, Corporation Tax and General Taxation.