Republic of Moore
Hokanti (Native Moorian)
Motto: Credo in Deum
Anthem: God Save Hokanti
Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at
Moore (red)
Capital Anderstown
Largest city Ogetta
Official languages English
Ethnic groups (2014)

Moorian 98.2% Australian 0.6%

Other 1.2%
Demonym Moorian
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
• President
Oliver Walker
• Vice President
Christian Clayson
Establishment Republic of Moore
• Independence from Australia
• Total
34,606 km2 (13,361 sq mi) (139)
• 2014 census
4,045,205 (129)
• Density
117/km2 (303.0/sq mi) (96)
HDI 0.903
very high · 15
Currency Moorian Dollar (MRD)
Time zone MST (UTC+7)
• Summer (DST)
Date format DD-MM-YY
Drives on the left
Moore /mʊr/, officially the Republic of Moore is a sovereign state comprising of the South of Moore Island and all of Jane Island. It borders St. Andrew's to the North, and mainland Australia to the East, across the Telasan Channel.

Moore has been inhabited by indigenous people for over 30,000 years. Before it's discovery by Europeans, there was an estimated population of 5,000 hunter-gatherers. Moore Island was first discovered in 1682 by British explorer Harold Moore, after whom the island is named. In 1791 it was claimed by Britain, until 1901, when it became part of Australia. On 28 March 1949, the Republic of Moore was founded, breaking off from Australia.



There are two major political parties in Moore; the Christian Conservative Party (CCP) and the Moore National Party (MNP), lead by Eric Patricks. Currently the CCP are in power, lead by Oliver Walker. They both have right-wing ideologies, with the CCP focusing largely on religion, and the MNP focusing largely on anti-immigration.

The voting age is 18, and anyone who has spent time in prison cannot vote.



Moore is an extremely Christian country, with 94.8% of the country considering themselves Christian. The largest denomination is Roman Catholic, at 72.4%, followed by Anglican at 11.0%. Only 2.9% of people are another religion, probably largely thanks to strong anti-immigration. 1.4% are atheist, with a further 0.9% not stating/unsure.

Of the 2.9% following other religions, the largest is Islam at 1.8% then Buddhism at 0.4%.

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