Moralist Party
Moralist Party

HQ: Nanteos, Kingdom of Nanteos
Color Gold
Ideology Social Justice, Wikipedia:Social Conservatism: Social Conservatism, NeoConservatisim
Important People Sir William Hyatt

The Moralist Party is a political party in the Kingdom of Nanteos. It is considered the leading party at the current time. It's rival is the Freedom Party.


Economic Issues

Moralist support left of center economic policies such as a minimum wage (which the Kingdom currently does not have), a progressive tax code, and more social services. They also support Protectionism and high tariffs on imported goods.

Social Issues

Moralists are socially conservative. They are pro-life, anti-gay marriage, support the censorship of obscene things such as pornography, and oppose secularism.

Foreign Policy

Moralist support an interventionist foreign policy. The Moralist party believes it is the role of the Kingdom to protect innocents and spread republican democracy around the world.

Voter Base

Moralist typically do better than the Red Party in the cities of Nanteos, Noirville, and Crowe's Nest. They also tend to gather more support from farmers, the Gullah, and the lower class.

Last Elections

In the last elections, The Moralist party won both seats council seats in Nanteos, Noirville, Crowe's Nest, and Dairyville. They also won one seat in Acornia, Jasper, Psychograd, and Russleville.

In addition to their council seats, they also won the Chancellery with Sir William Hyatt.

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