MotaKun Industries
Type Automotive, Design
Headquarters Port Said, Eastern Sahara
Motakun Industries (Styalized as MotaKun) is an East Saharan Next-Generation automobile manufacturer headquartered in Port Said. MotaKun was set-up in 2011, by wealthy East Saharan businessman and entrepeneur Mahmed El-Ubayyid, with hopes to bring new life into the Arab automobile industry. MotaKun is currently owned by Ubayyid Industries, the Eastern Sahara's largest conglomerate.

Current Model Line-Up


The Gazal

MotaKun Gazal

The Gazal, was the first entirely East Saharan Designed and built car. The Gazal, meaning Gazelle in Arabic is a luxury SUV released in June 2011, so far 18,000 Gazals have been built. The Gazal is sold in the Middle East, and North Africa. The Gazal is based on the Mercedes G-500 chassis, the assembly of the Gazal is at the MotaKun Plant in Port Said.

MotaKun Runna


The MotaKun Runna

The MotaKun Runna, is a four door small saloon car, production began in March 2011, and the Runna has become 'Eastern Sahara's National Car.' The Runna is sold in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, including Turkey. The Runna is based on a modified Puegot 206 platfrom, and is produced at the MotaKun Plant in Port Said.

International Exports

MotaKun automobiles are currently mainly sold in the Middle East and North Africa, aswell as Eastern Europe. The Runna is exported to the Middle East and Africa, aswell as Turkey. The Gazal is sold in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Gazal is also sold in North Africa.