Munwad Hasr (born February 2 1955) is the current director of Esib, the East Saharan Intelligence Bureau. Formerly a high-ranking Sudanese military officer he was appointed by Ahmed Shafik to head Esib in January 2012 following Shafik's election.


Born in Khartoum in 1955, to a middle class family Munwad was born in the midst of the First Sudanese Civil War. When he was of fighting age he was forced to fight for the Sudan Military, against the Southern Sudan Liberation Movement in 1972, when the war ended. He stayed on in the military, moving up the ranks, until 1983 when he fought during the Second Sudan Civil War, and became high ranking, and won a medal of courageness. Although he stted he was not proud of what he did during his time in the military, he said he supported the Southern Sudan Liberation, but could not admit it in the military.

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