The planet of Murdawn is a Earth-like planet that orbits the gas giant, Faurine. They orbit the star, called Pawl. The world, which is really one of Faurine's sixteen moons, has fourteen tectonic plates. At its circumference it is twenty-three thousand miles.  The planet was once a outpost colony of the former Deharwn Empire. The space-faring Deharwn brought a mixture of fauna and flora from many parts of the Milky Way. Since the mysterious end of thier empire, the fauna and plants evolved. Three million years later, there is an abundance of many races. The planet has four continents. The largest is known as Great Shran, a vast continent that runs mainly in an east-west direction. The second-largest is Lesser Shran, a continent lying south of Great Shran. They are divided by the Sapphire Sea, and between them is many islands and archipleigos. The continent of D'Kay lies to the west, across the Twilight Ocean. And the final continent is Grekan, to the south.


                                                                      Greater Shran

The continent of Greater Shran is the most northern of the continents. The centre of Greater Shran is covered by the Great Sands, a vast desert that was formed by a lack of preceptation in the region. It is rich in oil, and has been highly-contested. To the north-west is the Jauharan Highlands, a hilly region home to many nations. South of the Highlands are the Deepholme Fens, a marshy region formed by the Rivers Freerush, Greenwater and Fork. 

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