Musandam Military Base is a multipurpose military base located on the Musandam peninsula, on the Strait of Hormuz (United Emirates). The base (originally naval) was established in 1983 to prevent smuggling of goods into Iran, who's government was causing tensions with the United Emirates. In 1987 the Royal Air Force of Europa was allowed to set up an Airbase under joint Emirates-Europan control, and soon the Royal Navy of Europa also signed a similar accord.

Foreign Military Installations of Europa
Airbases: Ankara Airbase - Boston Bay Airbase - Erzurum Airbase - Irakleio Airbase - Larnaca Airbase
Naval Bases: Dumyat Naval Base - Istanbul Naval Base - Limassol Naval Base - Mannar Island Naval Base - Musandam Military Base - Port of Spain Naval Base - Santo Domingo Naval Base
Ground Forces Bases:

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