The Mutual Nationalist Pact (MNP) refers to both the treaty and international alliance between several fascist and ultranationalist nations across the world. Political, military and economic cooperation and collaboration are broadly the aims of the Pact. The nature of nationalism and fascism deprive the Pact of an internationalist element, unlike communism and socialism which seeks to establish a worldwide ideological movement.

The Pact was established formally in October 1944 as Hitler's Germany was crumbling after his assassination, between Germany and Canada. The newly formed alliance contributed to the Allied Powers' willingness to negotiate an end to the Second World War, which was formally concluded in 1945. Today, the Mutual Nationalist Pact continues to exist between Canada and Germany and many other states which are mostly considered to be either of the aforementioned nations' puppets. Since 1987, the Pact has also allowed non-state actors, such as political organizations and movements to become members and contribute.

The Pact's headquarters is located in Germania, the capital of Germany. The current President of the Pact is Adrian Giehl, also a German.

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