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The regions of Rothmanthar

Mythic Age Map

The countries in Rothmanthar

The Rothmanthain lands are divided as the islands and the mainland. The Gathering Sea had always been the most populous and busy marine thoroughfare throughout history. The mainland was more developed culturally and intellectually, but had also seen more violence, because of the Yar marauders.

In the west were the islands, and the main island is Va'ura, the land of the God Ura. Assym are the westernmost islands in the region. Yr'ra are the bridge islands the connects the Va'ura with the mainland. Along this route was built many ports and trade settlements to accomodate merchants and travellers.

Immediately after Yr'ra was Ior, the northernmost of the mainland. Fih was the country that openned Rothmanthar to the Yar marauders and other friendly cultures to the east. Thys was the centre of the Rothmanthain civilization. Here were built the first cities and first empires. They were the centres of intellect, science and law as well. Much of the culture and customs of Rothmanthar were inherited from this ancient and historical region. Nearing the skirts of the Thysian mountains, the Lion Mountains, were the great and old woodlands of Crau. Crau is the most magical of all lands in Rothmanthar.

Down south was Aur and Sys. Aur had a humider climate and hardly seen snow compared to the northern lands. The people that settled here depended more on the sea than anywhere else for livelihood and even spiritual needs. Sys was the southermost extent of Rothmanthar. Leaving Sys will be the great expand of the Desert Wastelands.


North Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
South Kingdom
Princedom of Rascony
Causynian League
United Guilds of Vasgomy
Crau Isgar


Holy Craum


Va'uraur Empire
Crau Va'ura
Kingdom of Shaur
KIngdom of Gad
Kingdom of Umiu
Kingdom of Maughy
Kingdom of Kinjur
KIngdom of Tay
Kingdom of Vit







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