Nól is a grouping of languages in the Carothinian language super-family, comprising High Mannish, Franskú, Bachrian and related languages. It comprises the Mannish, Bachrian, Nainamor and the Narrskian language families.

Nól-Caroth and Caroth


There have recently been several additions to this language family, moving several previously considered mannish languages into this group. For example, Bachrian and the Nainamor language where considered to be descended from the Mannish family but studies have shown that these belong to their own family. As such the previous name for the Nainamor language, Iulimannish has been declared void by the Scholars.


The common thing with these languages is that they all hail from the same geographical region and as such they have tended to borrow grammatical rules/words from each other. They all come from the landmass west of the Great Sea known as Nól-Caroth and as such they are not related to the languages of Mer-Caroth.

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