NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was founded by President Truman on August 14, 1947, after news of Germany's ability to reach the moon reached the United States. The purpose of the corporation was to build a similar device to keep up with German technology, igniting a "space race" with Germany, although Germany was very far ahead at the time.

Moon Mission

On December 5, NASA announced that it had completed blueprints for a ship that could take a few volunteers to the moon, although construction didn't begin until January 1, 1948. The construction took much longer than expected and was not completed until May 8. On this date, NASA called for volunteers to be the first Americans on the moon. 10 people were selected on June 1, and they were slated to launch on June 4 after careful observations of the lunar cycle were made. The rocket, officially named the "Lunar Lander," was nicknamed after President Roosevelt. On June 4, the Lunar Lander took off and left the atmosphere.

On June 7, however, a malfunction in the fuel tank caused the rocket to explode, killing all on board. NASA was very discouraged after this incident, but kept pressing on and coming up with new ideas. On July 1, construction began on a new Lunar Lander, appropriately named the Lunar Lander 2.0. The Lunar Lander 2.0 was opened to volunteers on August 3, 1948, but not a single person applied. This meant that NASA scientists had to go themselves. On August 12, 1948, the Lunar Lander 2.0 was launched. On September 2, it landed on the moon.

Telescope Construction

NASA then decided its next project would be to create a telescope that would be able to send advanced pictures of other galaxies to Earth. Construction of this "Space Telescope" began on September 22. The construction was fairly simple at first and the frame and lens were completed on October 3, but NASA lacked the technology to send pictures back to Earth and the technology to take high definition pictures. Germany, on the other hand, didn't, and Hitler's scientists began working with NASA on this project on November 4.

The telescope was fully completed on February 26, 1949, but even Germany lacked the technology to control something possibly galaxies away, so it was not launched for several years.

Terraformation Plans

On March 7, NASA scientists began working to figure out a way to terraform the moon, even if they lacked the proper technology. On March 19, a NASA scientist suggested using dense, heavy gases to establish an atmosphere around the moon while allowing it to maintain its orbit around Earth. On April 3, the idea of using plants to generate carbon dioxide and oxygen to establish a possible living environment was offered, but nothing was done at this time.

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