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This is a list of important animals and their native regions.


Finnish: Norsu

Eurasian Elephant

  • Binomial name: Elephas maximus
  • Wild populations in Southern Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Greece, Kazakstan, Caucasian republics.

Mediterranean Elephant

  • Binomial name: Loxodonta mediterraneana
  • Wild populations in Egypt, Libya, Middle East.

Palestine Elephant

  • Binomial name: Loxodonta cyclotis
  • Wild populations in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey.


Finnish: Apina


  • Genus name: Gorilla
  • Wild populations in Kamerun, Nigeria, Chad, Niger etc.


  • Binomial name: Pan troglodytes
  • Wild populations in West + Northwest Africa


  • Genus name: Hylobatinae
  • Wild populations in China, Mongolia, South Siberia



  • Finnish name: jalopeura
  • Binomial name: Panthera leo
  • Wild populations in Middle East, South + Central + West Africa, Black Sea basin, Eastern Europe


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