A malicious Transdoesian bounty hunter and former army trooper. He is known to hunt people down for other gangsters. He is an enemy of Rik Hár a Wolfian native of planet Telepix. The both gotten into a feud with each other in a space saloon. The fight broke out by Naars Der saying rude comments about Rik’s home world. Then they both gotten into a conflict and started to fight with laser guns. Rik escaped very fast but then Naars Der got into his Transdoesian Star-Killer. Rik gotten into his starship the Eagle 9000 and they were off. Then Naars Der called his boss Da’as Wantuay to see what he could do. Then a missile was fire at Rik’s ship knocking it into space. Then all things started to get bad from there when Naars Der returned he got a signal reading on his screen that Rik lived and he was hiding. His next mission was to silence the gangster named Vel Ahr, and his minions. But then he was caught up in the message from of Rik’s comtalker saying, “ If you want me come and find me”, and this made Naars very enraged and he autoScan the whole area finding a sign of his ship when he approached it the alarm was set off then a beam appeared and Naars Der vanished. Naars Der later woke and found himself in an asteroid field on a solid surface his ship was destroyed. Then he looked around to find himself on planet Agochara in the Garalak Galaxy, and he knew this planet was home to the Garlali, a humanoid species known for their cannibalism. He grabbed his long-shooter and fired a shot to get them in rowdy state. Nothing happened and when he approached the villages he saw that all of the Garlali dead with a pile bones. He did not have time to investigate the ruins he needed a ship and fast.

Naars Der is one of many legends in the Galaxy, and his stories are legends.

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