Nabdetam, or Nabaythu'de'tamtu, in the long form, is the dumun word for universe in the science fiction setting created by NaniErin.

In this setting, the Dumun, known as humans on Kaisar, or Earth, are composed of five different cultures and have won their freedom as a race from the Beeluza only a handful of generations ago. The Beeluza, the title the dumun have given their former masters, are composed of four powerful races who have enslaved any other races in the 'verse that they have found to be useful. While they work together very infrequently, and not for long when they do, their power had never been challenged until dumun uprising, and not again since. The Ard'ardu are the unfortunate group of ten sentient races that have been serving the Beeluza for countless generations. Many have accepted their fate as servants and slaves, but some were watching quite closely as the dumun fought their way to freedom and have become restless of late.

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