Naiya the Dragon is Ryōra Drachen' awakening form and alter ego.

Title Naiya the Green Dragon / Naiya the Golden Dragon
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown (2741)
Age 3 years old
Affiliation Gautama
Occupation Paladin
Relations Drake Drachen (father), Furui Makkan (mother), Ryōra Drachen (alter ego), Vergil Natus (teacher)
Status Alive
Fighting Style Water Sagecraft
Techniques Offensive:



First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Theme Song


Height: Average.

Weight: Average.

Haircut: Long.

Hair Color:

  • Black
  • Dark Green (green aura)
  • Golden Blond (golden aura)

Eye Color:

  • Black
  • Glowing Green (green aura)
  • Golden (golden aura)

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