Nakhchivan Air Force
Air Force overview
Formed 2008
Headquarters Nakhchivan City
Employees 3,213
Agency executives President Vasif Talibov, Commander-in-Chief
Munrad Asiyev, Chief of Staff

The Nakhchivan Air Force NAF is the aviation branch of the Nakhchivan Armed Forces. The NAF is treated as a Self Defence Force, and is only for use incase of attack or invasion. Currently the Air Force operates about 15 aircraft, mainly from the Azerbaijan and Turkey. The NAF is headed by an Air Marshal, who is currently Soluk Mehiyidev.


The main and only instillation for the Air Force is Nakhchivan International Airport, which is the countries only paved airstrip, and international airport. The Air Force is headquartered at the Armed Forces Centre in Nakchivan City, along with the Nakchivani Army.

Aircraft Inventory

Aircraft Origin Type In service
F-16 Fighting Falcon Turkey Multirole Jetfighter 6
Mil Mi-17 Russia Transport Helicopter 4
Mikoyan Mig-29 Russia Multirole JetFighter 3
Mil Mi-24 Russia Attack Helicopter 2

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