Von Shadaa


Von Shadaa

Orbital position

First Planet


Nar Khutta

Surface water


Native species


Immigrated species


Official language



Pardusian Brotherhood

Major cities

Mas Attrol (Capital)
Mas Garan
Ha Weii (Jarrl Capital)



Nal Evok is the only planet in the Von Shadaa System. Homeworld of the Evokar, Nal Evok has an arid landscape, covered with deserts and a small amount of surface water, however Many Pardusian artifacts discovered on the planet seem to indicate that the planet was formerly a garden world when inhabited by the Pardusian Race thousands of years ago. 

The planet is home to some of the largest cities in the cluster, and is the location of a large amount of business, with some major companies having factories on the planet and the upper-classmen making a living in banking, politics and business. Outside of Nal Evok's major cities, most people make a living through moisture farming, trading and scavenging. Nal Evok has a range of native flora and fuana, however only one sentient race evolved on the planet, but the Jarrl were invited to the planet and given their own small enclave, known as the Jarrl Enclave, and a capital city, Han Weii. 






Pardusian Interstellar Empire

Pardusian artifacts show that Nal Evok was once part of the so-called 'Pardusian Interstellar Empire' from around 5,000 BD - 27,000 BD when the Pardusians disappeared. At the time of the Pardusian Empire, Nal Evok was a lush world covered with a large amount of surface water, however the planet at some point went through dramatic climate change, and became what it is now, an arid dry planet. 

Evokar Hegemony

During the later years of Evokari industrialisation, the Evokari Exclaves banded together to greater benefit the Evokari race, this became known as the Evokar Hegemony, formed in 50 BD, and it fell in 97 AD during the Gongin Invasion, and later became part of the Pardusian Brotherhood. The planet at the time was governed both by the Evokar Hegemony, but also the Jarrlian Government, the Jarrl Enclave, which disbanded in 100 AD to join the Pardusian Brotherhood as the Jarrl High Council. 

Pardusian Brotherhood

Following the Gongin Invasion in 95 AD, Nal Evok has been in a state of reconstruction and improvement, as it was one of the hardest hit planets in the cluster, being the outermost planet. Today the planet has improved much of its infrastructure and technology, with help from the Jarrl, and other pardusian races such as the Parnithians, Arcturians and the Kalidan. 


Nal Evok's native sentient species is the Evokar, however since the Pardusian Community was established, many races from throughout Pardus mixed into other's society. Major extra-planetary species on the planet are the Parnithians, and the Jarrl, who emigrated to the planet after the destruction of their homeworld in a far system.

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