Nala Southeastern beach.

Terrain, Geography, Population

Nala is a tiny island settlement consisting of approximately 1,200 people. It is a tropical island about 19 square miles large.


Job assigning

The religious and political leader, known as the Toxanti, assigns every man over 15 a job. He assigns every woman over 13 a job. They work at that job until they are reassigned or they die. Job assignment are often related to the assignments of family and neighbors, creating a caste system.

Religious Jobs

Each religious job, other than the Toxanti, includes four men and two women. The jobs rotate through becoming toxanti, with the longest serving worker at the current job in first in line becoming the new toxanti when the old one dies.

  • Zurokato/Drummer: The Zurokato is a drummer who helps make religious ceremonies interesting and inviting. Drums are often made out of lumber, bamboo, coconuts, stones, and she skin of a pig.
  • Rikilatu/Speaker: The Rikilatu gives a speech or sermon about life, events, or beliefs.
  • P'sinoka/Looker: The P'sinoka is a person who talks to people. This person helps determine job assignments and cheers people up in bad times.
  • Nukavi/Advisor: The advisor is the person to come to to settle an argument. He is a cross between a judge and therapist.
  • Tzivuk'li/Service leader: The Tzivuk'li leads services and prayer. They are good at singing and thought.

Resource Getting Jobs

  • Fisherman
  • Lumberjack
  • Hunter
  • Fisher
  • Coconut Picker
  • Banana Picker
  • Cacao Picker
  • Water collecter
  • Rock Gatherer
  • Mud Gatherer

Resource Enhancer Jobs

  • Hut Builder
  • Hammock Maker
  • Chef
  • Butcher
  • Boat Builder
  • Weapon Maker
  • Road Builder

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