(who what flows)

In the beginning, the Knowing One was without form and without name. Neither male nor female, it was unchangeable and all powerful. It did not experience mortal emotions like love or hatred, pleasure or pain. The only thing it did feel was desire – desire to know more, always more and more. To sate this great thirst for knowledge, the Knowing One divided itself into many parts and in this way the universe was created. Every star and stone, every creature and molecule, contains a part of the Knowing One’s spirit. Someday, far from now, when the Knowing One has experienced everything possible, it will gather the pieces of itself together and all things will become one again.

Among dumun, many beliefs are held concerning the exact nature and attributes of the Knowing One:

  • Most agree that prayer makes no sense, as the Knowing One is already present in every aspect of their lives, but some do pray to express appreciation for their creation, for the availability of resources, or for knowledge attained. Alternatively, some curse the Knowing One when information is unavailable or when luck or circumstances are lacking.
  • While followers are divided as to whether or not the Knowing One is actually aware of these prayers/curses, all agree that miracles do not happen. Since the Knowing One seeks knowledge about every possible situation, it has no reason to favor one race or individual’s survival over another, no matter how faithful or impious they are.
  • Religious dogma, rituals, sacraments, and other trappings serve no particular purpose. The Knowing One has no preference for any individual, group or race over another and has not revealed any special secrets or insights. As such, information about the Knowing One is to be freely given if a person seeks to know, but should not be forced upon those who do not wish it.
  • Attaining knowledge is considered a sacred task, as doing so helps the individual break free from the bondage of ignorance and draw closer to the Knowing One. The only true paths toward knowledge are logic and reasoning, and no particular information is considered more or less important to the Knowing One than any other. Information should be shared so that new realizations can be obtained, though, and anything that preventing the flow of knowledge should be modified or removed so that it may spread freely again.
  • There are no codes or rules to follow and no books to quote instructions from. Followers are expected to use reason to derive a practical system of ethics and morality to live by. Divorce, sexual orientation, substance use/abuse and the decision to terminate life are all considered personal matters.

(Nabdetam)(Dumun)(Dumun Ideology)

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