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Name Customs

Commoners' names are often in the format of "(given name) of (city name)", ie Elaina of Atia, which in High Lorican (where adjectives come later), becomes Elaina Atia. The city name in their name is generally the city of birth, then city of where they've generally been living; but may also become the city where they've done something to make themselves famous. Thus, Altair becomes Altair of Altariya, or shortened into Altair Altariya. The idea is that while the person is himself regardless, and that part of him doesn't change, a person is constantly being shaped by his environment and is defined by his deeds, hence the potentially changing city name.

In other regions of Ethaya, names are in the form of "(given name) of (epithet)", "(given name) the (epithet)", "(epithet/role) (given name)", or in particularly small and backwater communities, "(epithet/role)" without a name.

And in some places, it is tradition to name one's children with the same given name as their own along gender lines, so daughter takes mother's name etc, and they are just known as (given name) senior of (city name) for elders, (given name) of (city name), and (given name) junior of (city name), and one become "senior" upon having grandchildren and rise up in title as older generations die.

And in some places, it is tradition that married women's names become "(given name) of (husband's given name) of (city name)". The city name is optional in these cases. These are generally more traditionalist and misogynistic societies.

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