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Nami Novogorod
намі Ноўгарадзе (Belorussian)
Нами Новгороде(Russian)
Namivo Novoyagod(Laplandic)
—  Federal City  —
Federal City of Nami Novogorod
Nami Novogorod Montage.png
Flag of Nami Novgorod.png
Nickname(s): Federal City
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Map of Lappi Subjects new.png
Coordinates: 51°28′39″N 25°28′0″E
Country Kingdom of Lapland
Federal Subject Nami Novgorod,Federal City
Incorporated 2006
 - Type Federal
 - Mayor Krasnoy Nais
 - Federal City 18,178 km2 (7,019 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 - Federal City 13,096,045
 - Est. (2012) 12,110,000
 - Metro 18,518,264
Time zone Belarus Republic Time (UTC+3)
Lapland Postal C
Regional Telephone Code 8761 , 9055, 7322, 3607, 9712

Nami Novgorod, is a federal city and the national capital of Lapland. With 13 million inhabitants, Nami Novgorod is the second largest city in Lapland. Nami Novgorod is enclaved in the Belarus Republic. The Baltic Coast Metropolitan Area has a total of 18 million inhabitants, consisting of Nami Novgorod and the Belorussian District of Brest.

Nami is a major financial and business capital worldwide. Nami Novgorod has a GDP of LP£654 billion(US$936B; €1,124 billion), the second richest in the country and one of the richest in the world.

Shreyatevo Airport(EYA) and Kolkovo Airport(NKO) are the two aiports serving Nami Novogorod.