Nanhai Television

Logo of Nanhai Television

Type Broadcast television network
Country Nanhai Tudi
Availability National
Founded by Henry Reid
Slogan I Love Here on NTV
Owner Lon-Reid Group
Key people

Anna Lon-Dao, Chairwoman

Art Hiri, Vice Chairman

Jana Lon, President & CEO

Ron Reid, CFO

Ria Lim, President, NTV News

Flen Kim, Chairman, NTV Sports
Launch date January 22, 1952 (television)
Former names Nanhai Republic Television (1952-1972), Nanhai People's Television (1972-1979)
Callsign meaning Nanhai Tele Vision
Former callsigns

Nanhai Republic Tele Vision (1952-1972)

Nanhai People's Tele Vision (1972-1979)

The Nanhai Television (NTV) is a Nanhatud television network headquartered in NTV Building in Nan'an.

Formed in 1952 as Nanhai Republic Television. Five years after Radio Han-le Network (now Han-le Broadcasting Network) established. It was founded by American businessman Henry Reid. He immigrated to Nanhai Tudi to start a television network business. In 1972, the Nanhai Republic Television was changed to Nanhai People's Television from the same year to 1979. And finally, Nanhai People's Television was changed to Nanhai Television.


Nanhai Republic Television (1952-1972)

Nanhai People's Television (1972-1979)

Nanhai Television (1979 to Present)


TV Channels

These are the following of the TV channels of Nanhai Television.

Free TV:

  • NTV - the main channel of Nanhai Television
  • NTV Free News - the news channel on free TV. The language used on NTV Free News are Nanhatud.
  • NTV Free Sports - the sports channel on free TV. Like NTV Free News, it is also used on Nanhatud language.
  • E-NTV - the entertainment and lifestyle channel on free TV. The TV programs of E-NTV are imported TV programs, reality shows, talent shows, TV shows for women and others.

Cable TV:

  • Animi - the Japanese anime channel of Nanhai Television.
  • Cable 24 Nanhai - the news channel on cable TV. The language used on Cable 24 Nanhai is English.
  • E-NTV Men - the entertainment channel for men viewers.
  • E-NTV Throwback - the entertainment channel that on airs mostly are the former TV programs of NTV.
  • E-NTV Women - the entertainment channel for women vievers.
  • Lutu E-NTV - the entertainment and lifestyle channel.
  • NTVCine- the movie channel of Nanhai Television.
  • NTV Knowledge - the educational channel of Nanhai Tudi.
  • Nanhai Music Channel - the music video channel of Nanhai Television.
  • U Sports Nanhai - the sports channel on cable TV. Like in Cable 24 Nanhai, the language used on this channel is English.

Digital TV:

  • CineSaya - the movie channel on digital TV.
  • E-NTV 3N1 - the entertainment and lifestyle channel on digital TV.
  • Nanhai DigiNews - the news channel on digital TV.
  • Nanhai DigiSports - the sports channel on digital TV.


  • NTV International

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