Nanonites, also called 'Nanite Doctors' or 'Nanites' are tiny molecular robots that can be used in hospitals to heal wounds and rebuild body tissue. Nanonites are still under development, and have been since 2025, when a british bioligical physicist, Helen Lockham made an astounding breakthrough in Nanotechnology. The 'Nano Doctors' can heal wounds, particularly gunshot wounds, rebuild damaged body tissue, and it is also hoped that they may also be used to cure cancers. British Biotechnology and pharmaceutical company EnProTech have already gained the rights to produce Nanonites.

Nanonites have been seen as one of the mjaor breakthroughs in biotechnology in recent years, and particularly nanotechnology. Other uses for this technology have already come to mind, for example, if the nanonites can eat away at cancer, whos to say they couldnt eat away at rubbish, which could solve part of the problem of the amount of rubbish building up globally.

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