Nanotrites being Injected into a host.

'Tiny, molecular 'robots' injected into a host organism, capable of enhancing and/or suppressing a wide range of biological functions' -

Nanotrites are the super-science of the 2040's. The symbiotic microcomputers preserve the body of their host and struggle to 'repair' it after injury. They were discovered by Anton Kvasir in 2039, an American scientist working on Earth. Before long they were used in Armed Forces Elite Troops, to repair them after injuries were sustained. They can also be used to repair bodies in Medical Procedures after large injuries or for treatment some forms of cancers. They are used in Human Augmentation.

In some Armed Forces Elite Troops, the nanotrites can act together as a defribrillator allowing their host to remain alive and active.

Nanotrites are manufactured and used by the Globus Corporation, for Human Augmentation.

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