Nanteon Military
Nanteon Soldier
Nanteon Soldier saluting flag
Country Kingdom of Nanteos
Mascot Doberman Pinscher
Engagements 1st Avalonian War, Calvert Civil War,Felate Isles War,Camel's Back Campaign
Marshall of the Nanteon Military Admiral John Tonka
King of Nanteos King William IV

The armed forces of the Kingdom of Nanteos is the second largest in Diro and the third largest in Jakovia (behind the nations of Silla and Varland). It is arguably one of the best equipped and trained in the world. The Nanteon armed forces have fought and won such wars as the 1st Avalonian War, Calvert Civil War, Felate Isles War, and the Camel's Back Campaign.
Nanteon tank

Nanteon tank in Deeland during the Camel's Back Campaign


The Nanteon Military has fought in four wars (in which it one all four). The longest of which was the Felate Isles War in which it fought alongside the armed forces of Silla.


The Nanteon military has four branches. It operates a Navy, Air Force, and Army as well as a fourth branch known as the Lion Guard. The Lion Guard is the king's private army which in modern times is used to guard not only the king, but other federal officials as well. Although not an official entity of the Nanteon military the Knights of Nanteos often work alongside the Nateon military during war time.

Command Structure

The King of Nanteos is the commander in chief of the Nanteon Military. He appoints an officer of any branch to head the entire military known as the Marshall of the Nanteon Military. Under the Marshall are the heads of each respective branch. There are eight officer ranks in the Nanteon military ranging from Lieutenant to General/Admiral. There are also 8 enlisted ranks ranging from private to Master Sergeant/Master Petty Officer.


The headquarters of the Nanteon military is located in Crowe's Nest at Fort Monsoon.

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