Napoleon (born Harry Johnston) is the charismantic leader and founder of the faction known as the Solidier's of the Legion. He is also Emperour of the faction's nation, the Empire of the Eagle (E.E). He sets his sights on ruling North America and the land 'beyond the waves.' He was also a former citizen of the Free Cities.



Harry Johnston was born in the year 2269, in Norfolk, in the Free Cities. He was a bookworm as a child, and was picked upon by the local kids. His only friend was a girl named Josephine, whom became his childhood sweetheart. He read books about a great French leader known as Napoleon Bonaparte, when he found out that Napoleon's wife's name was Josephine. He made a fantasy world in his head where he ruled humankind in a glorious empire. However, his father was disapointed at his second-born son, and called Harry a 'failure' and wished he was never born.

Rise to power

When he was fifteen, Harry and Josephine travelled to Richmond. Harry joined a howister team, learning how to use artilery and guns. He fought in the FC-Death's Scythe War, learning about the former state of Migigahan, far out of reach of the Free Cities. He took Josephine there, and married her. He killed the leader of the Lake Fisher tribe, and showed them how to make guns and artilery. He conquered the local tribes, and by 2277, the entire fomer states of Micighan and Wisconsin. However, Napoleon wanted to have a capital in a city, and he decied to take the nearby city of New Chicago. He used the tribal faction, the Stonewall, to gain control of the city. The city was surrounded by a massive show of force, and all the city surrender within the year of 2279. Napoleon then decied he wanted to conquer all of the former French colonies in America. Because the Free Cities had no of the terrtories he wished to gain, he signed an alliance with them. Also like the Free Cities, he used old world veiws such as education (however the part about the real Napoleon is removed), medical care, economics and communications. in 2281, the First Eagle Fleet was commisioned in Lake Michigan. By 2290, they had established New Toronto, New Detroit, New Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester and New Montreal.

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