National Air Corps of Wessex
WASDF Ensing
Founded 1973
Country Wessexflag Wessex
Branch Air Force
Size 92 Aircraft
1400 Active Personnel
Garrison/HQ Winterborne, Wiltonshire, Wessex
Colors Gold, White and Red

The National Air Corps, or the NAC, is the airborne wing of the Wessen Self Defence Forces. Headquartered at the Air Self Defence Headquarters, at Winterbourne, Wiltonshire, with its main Air Base located at NAC Lyneham, Wiltonshire, and is overseen by the Joint Self Defence Force Headquarters, at Plymuth Citadel, Defnashire

The NAC, as of 2013, has a reported strength of 92 Aircraft, but nevertheless, the NAC has an advanced and capable force for protecting Wessex against invasion and threats. 


  • NAC Lyneham, Lyneham, Wiltunshire
  • NAC St Mawgan, Mawgan, Cernowshire
  • NAC Yeovilton, Jeovilton, Somersetshire
  • Air Corps Headquarters, Winterbourne, Wiltonshire

Aircraft Inventory

Image Aircraft Origin Type In service 
Eurofighter Typhoon BAC Jaguar Wessex Multirole Fighter 20
HSNimrod Hawker Siddley Nimrod  Wessex Patrol and Transport Aircraft 3
F-16h McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D United States Multirole fighter 26
WestlandLynx Westland Lynx Wessex Multi-Purpose 25
WestlandSeaKing Westland Sea King Wessex  Mutli-Purpose 17

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