"The Theme of Independence" is the national anthem of the Union of Everett. Its lyrics came from a 19 year old high school poet who submitted the song as part of the nation's contest for the formation of a national anthem. In 2008, the lyrics were formed between two poems accepted. 85% of the lyrics came from a poem written by Nathan Day, who was a highschool student at the time. The other parts of the lyrics came from 28 year old Andrew Kenworthy, a heavy metal band lead singer.

Approximately only one-third of the anthem's length consists of actual lyrics. Two-thirds of the anthem consist of orchestrated instruments. In most official forms of the anthem, the instruments are known to heavily consist of strings, such as violin and cello and deep percussion, heavy drums and bass, and occasional bagpipes, brass and harps.


For a free Union we stood

From tyranny we should

We declared freedom and justice for all

Together as one nation we stand tall

A renewed free generation we establish

A flag and a land that will not vanish

From sea to shining sea

Our freedom will always be

From the towers of the north

To the jungles of the south

The mountains in between

And the glaciers in the sunlight that sheen

We make our stand and pray

On this declaration day

For independence I will fight

With liberty I will defy

So we make our stand and pray

On this declaration day

So give me liberty or give me death

I'll stay free to my last breath

For a free Union I stand

My liberty cannot be banned

Along her side I will be

So a future my children will see

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